is 1234yf compatible with r134a

  • Relax - R1234yf Is Not The End Of The World

    R134a may take up to 10 years to breakdown into a non-greenhouse gas. Twenty-five years ago, this was seen as considerable improvement over the 100-year-plus lifespan of R12. But R1234yf is a further advancement over R134a, as it takes only three to four years to break down in the upper atmosphere.

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  • Compatibility of R1234yf and R134a and Lubricants used in ...

    2645, Page 5 17th International Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Conference at Purdue, July 9-12, 2018 Figure 6: EPDM Percent Change after exposure to HD46 and 1234yf for 7 days at 100°C 3.2 METALS Thermal stability was tested on 6 samples with the formulation displayed in Table1 1. Samples 13, 15, & 16 used a POE32 oil with HFC-134a and samples 17, 19, & 20 used POE32 oil with HFO-1234yf.

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  • R134A / R1234yf Refrigerant & Oil Filling Quantities ...

    ALFA ROMEO 147 2.0 2002 ND 8 Oil R134a 550 25 PAG46 / ND8 130 147 2.0 2002 SP20 R134a 550 25 PAG100 130 147 3.2 2003 R134a 950 25 PAG46 130 156 Facelift 2002 R134a 500 PAG46 130 156 Facelift 2,4 JTD 2002 R134a 500 PAG100 150 159 Sportwagon 2006 1.9/2,2 JTS R134a 550 PAG100 130 159 2006 R134a 460 PAG100 130 159 05.2009 R134a 460 PAG46 130 159 06.2010 2.0 JTDM R134a …

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  • Anyone convert their r1234yf systems back to r134a ...

    8/29/2018· If you were to put R1234yf in a system designed for R134a, it looks like you'd end up with about a 10% loss of cooling capacity, but putting R134a into a R1234yf system would be a wash. It appears R1234yf oil is compatible with R134a (but not vice-versa), so shouldn't be a problem there.

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  • Here’s what you need to know about R-1234yf | BG Products ...

    R-1234yf requires a compatible oil for effective use. (Some PAG, PVE, and POE oils are also backwards compatible with R-134a but not vice versa.) R-134a and R-1234yf should not be mixed. In some cases, mixing can be illegal. R-1234yf is very corrosive. Only clean, properly specified lubricants are able to protect the system.

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  • R1234yf | future:gas automotive air-conditioning ...

    Some equipment is rated as compatible with both R134a and R1234yf and some equipment is suitable only for R1234yf. R134a service equipment and system components are not interchangeable with R1234yf systems unless they meet the relevant SAE standards. To prevent refrigerant contamination, R1234yf systems have a different service port design to ...

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  • R1234yf Refrigerant | ARC Industry Site

    Is R1234yf compatible with existing R134a equipment? No. The R1234yf system refrigerant circuit is accessed using service couplers that are a different size to those of a R134a system. The service coupler hose connection also has a left-hand thread that requires a matching hose for connection. Hence the need for an R1234yf gauge set.

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  • HFO-1234yf - Honeywell

    – Thermally stable and compatible with R-134a components ... R134a 1234yf @60°C @90°C 0,00 0,20 0,40 0,60 0,80 1,00 1,20 1,40 Permeation [g/m/d] on STD Veneer Hose ID13 Results HFO-1234yf shows lower permeability values toward Veneer hoses compared to R134a. M A F L O W Remarks With the same gas concentration (0.6g/cm³) the inner pressure ...

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  • Go ! Remplacer le R134a et 1234yf par du Frostycool - Gaz ...

    Le Frostycool remplace le R-134a, HFO-1234yf et R-12. En cas de problème de manque de gaz R134a, R1234yf, R12 ou Duracool dans la climatisation de la voiture, le Frostycool est la solution idéale. C’est un gaz non polluant et non toxique. Il est totalement miscible avec le R134a…

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  • R-1234yf Refrigerant to Replace R-134a - UnderhoodService

    Systems using R-1234yf refrigerant must also use an evaporator compliant with SAE J2842. Also, the procedure for the recovery and recycling of R-1234yf refrigerant is a little more involved and time-consuming than before due to equipment that has more sophisticated leak and purity check capabilities. Q.

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  • R1234yf and Lubricants: An update about recent developments

    Recent studies (Spatz 2009, Bobbo et al. 2011) indicate a rather different behaviour of R1234yf in comparison with R134a in PAG lubricants originally developed for R134a. In general R1234yf shows lower solubility than R134a in the same lubricant, under the same thermodynamic conditions and displays larger immiscible regions sometimes with the ...

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  • Gaz climatisation voiture R134 Kit 12a compatible R134a ...

    Gaz climatisation voiture R134a, R1234yF, climatisation automobile. Comprend 1 canette de 160 gr + 1 flexible avec manomètre . Ecofreeze 12a. Non fluoré. Compatible huiles minérales, synthétiques, PAG et Ester. Cylindre de 160 gr équivalent à 430 gr de R134A, 450 gr de 1234yf ou 480 gr de R12

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  • Retrofitting R-1234yf mobile air conditioning systems is ...

    11/15/2016· By Ward Atkinson and Bill Hill Note: The information in this article is the current overview as collected by Ward Atkinson and Bill Hill from industry and regulatory sources. It is not intended to provide all possible issues covering any system modifications and operation or servicing of production R-1234yf mobile air conditioning systems.

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  • Can You DIY Service R-1234yf AC Systems? - YouTube

    7/1/2019· I think this is a question that is on the minds of a lot of new vehicle owners, especially owners that are used to servicing their own vehicles. Can you service R1234yf AC systems as a DIYer? In ...

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  • R-1234YF Refrigerant Fact & Info Sheet

    R-1234yf, or HFO-1234yf is soon to be one of the most popular refrigerants in the world. Making it’s debut in the early 2000’s it has quickly rose to power and will soon be the dominant refrigerant in the automotive industry. Today, as I write this in October of 2017 there are …

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